Notes on integrating UrbanCode Deploy with Active Directory

I haven’t had too much to do with Active Directory since writing an article on integrating RTC 3.x on WAS with AD back in 2010 and I decided to test how UCD’s integration to LDAP worked. With RTC (or CLM) I found setting up the integration to LDAP with Websphere Application Server “annoying”, having to specify properties twice, once in WAS and then again in the JTS.  Setting up the CLM integration to LDAP with Tomcat is a little less annoying.

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UrbanCode Deploy: Making deployment automation easy

While I was in Orlando to present on Managing Android platform source with RTC  at Innovate 2013 in June I took the opportunity to attend the UDeploy, now called UrbanCode Deploy, (I shorten it to UCD) workshop and came away suitably impressed.
Especially impressed by how easy and simple it is to understand, use and get started with. At it’s simplest here’s a short overview of what I needed to do to get a basic application deployment process automated. Continue reading “UrbanCode Deploy: Making deployment automation easy”