OpenStack AutoScaling in UrbanCode Deploy with Patterns

The first Fix Pack released for UCD+P added initial support for provisioning to VMware vSphere infrastructure along with support for auto-scaling groups in OpenStack. The UCD+P Knowledge Centre topic describes what is currently supported and this YouTube video shows this in action. This post works through an example of creating and provisioning a UCD+P blueprint with an auto-scaling policy on OpenStack.

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What’s up Doc(ker)?

A recent post from Doug Davis “Docker: Managing the excitement” has some nice insights on Docker as a “relatively new” technology. Among the other Docker niceties that Doug points out, one that resonated with me is, and I quote “it takes seconds (if not less than a second, after the first time since things are cached) for it to complete”. Reading between the lines in some of my other posts, I’ve often battled the dark forces of virtual machine world, usually trying to squeeze every bit of extra juice out of my poor laptop. Then I tried Docker and well, suffice to say I need fewer coffee breaks.

My long-time colleague and friend Takehiko Amano has a post on “Immutable Infrastructure” where he talks about Docker in the context of OpenStack and with a bunch of my earlier posts focused on OpenStack, I decided to figure out how the three – OpenStack, Docker, and UCD+P might work together.

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