UrbanCode Deploy: Agent based Source Config Types

In my last post there’s a tidbit about overcoming an access problem using an agent (or the CLI). That was with UCD 6.0. No need for this with the upcoming release of UCD 6.0.1¬† : see Eric Minick’s post about Plugins for Artifact Sources.

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UrbanCode 6.0.1: New and Noteworthy

UrbanCode 6.0.1: New and Noteworthy

The first of a series of posts by Eric Minick on what’s coming up in the 6.0.1 release

UrbanCode tidbits: ssh known_hosts; Agent or CLI Source Config Type

A quick couple of UrbanCode Deploy tips, one on getting the SSH config right and the other on using the UCD agent and/or CLI provide an access work around.

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