Configuring a single IBM HTTP Server to front multiple Websphere profiles

It’s been a while between posts and it hasn’t been for lack of stuff to write about. Just the usually frenetic activity that goes with Q4 and the end-of-year holiday period.

It’s also been a while since I wrote Configuring Enterprise CLM Reverse Proxies, Part 3: WebSphere and IHS Plugin method and contributed to Configuring Enterprise CLM Reverse Proxies: WebSphere and IHS Plugin method Separating JTS and CCM where the JTS and CCM were originally deployed using different ports. Websphere and CLM have moved on since then : Websphere Application Server is now up to version 8.5 and CLM is at 4.0.1. In general the principles and processes documented in both those articles are still valid but the interfaces used to execute them have changed somewhat. So without going into all the details here’s a quick and dirty update focusing on getting IHS to front WAS when the CLM apps are deployed in an Enterprise topology.

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