(J)Metering a Jazz server – Part II

Continuing my journey on the JMeter road, I found Jmeter has a number of other features that help to make Test Plans more generic and useful.

The “testhost” and “testport” variables for example, have already come in useful: I use them in the POST data when creating the work item:

<rtc_cm:type rdf:resource="https://${testhost}:${testport}/ccm/oslc/types/_rc-1kLanEeGNAOF-ZCganQ/defect"/>
 <rtc_cm:filedAgainst rdf:resource="https://${testhost}:${testport}/ccm/resource/itemOid/com.ibm.team.workitem.Category/_X1y-IraoEeGNAOF-ZCganQ"/>

Newbie as I might be to JMeter, it became obvious that I could make the following improvements to the Test Plan I had:

  • make the username and password, the Project Area identifier (hard coded as _rc-1kLanEeGNAOF-ZCganQ), the work item type (hard coded as defect) , the work item title, description and Filed Against, the keyword used in the OSLC search  all variables
  • make use of the CSV Data Set Config element to allow these variables to be loaded from a CSV file which can be independently edited rather than have to add them to the Test Plan
  • JMeter has an easy way to select which parts are executed for each run with the Enable/Disable action but it makes sense to split the Work Item creation and the search into their own Thread Groups rather than lumping them all in one
  • splitting the create and search also means I can make the Login action a “Function” that both can call. I do this by adding an always disabled “Common Functions” Thread Group and then using a Module Controller to call the Login function

Having made all these changes, here’s what the “New and Improved” Test Plan looks like:

Adding a Graph Results Listener and executing the plan a number of times gives me a neat graph.

A simple enough Test Plan, but used in conjunction with some of the stuff Tox talks about, you can get a pretty good idea of how your server is performing and giving some focus to performance improvement efforts.

I would be delighted to hear of any suggestions for improvements.

WordPress does not allow attaching arbitrary files so the Test Plan I created is attached here with a “.doc” extension that should be removed before doing anything with it.

2 thoughts on “(J)Metering a Jazz server – Part II”

  1. Any thoughts of making it possible to kick off JMeter tests from RQM and get results sent back so that they can be managed inside RQM?

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