Server rename: it worked!

I’ve been using one or the other of VMWare’s products  (Workstation, ESXi, Fusion) since the very first version of VMWare Workstation way back in 1999, but the demands of running one or more full scale servers has proved too much for my poor Lenovo W500 with a measly 8GB RAM and an Intel Core2 Duo CPU running at 2.53 GHz.Most of the work I’ve done over the past 12-18 months with Jazz by way of PoCs for customers or producing workshops has been almost exclusively on the IBM SmartCloud Enterprise. Take for example Clusters of CLM applications without a GUI for which  I used 5 separate hosts, 4 running Websphere and 1 running DB2: even if my math was excellent I’d have struggled to divide less than 8GB RAM and 2 CPUs among those as virtual machines.

More recently I’ve been working on setting RTC up to be the SCM repository for working on the Android platform and figuring out how to use Jmeter to test RTC performance with some really large data sets. More on both of those in future posts. For the second exercise I’d created an IBM SmartCloud virtual RTC server with about 3 million Work Items ,  300+ project areas, 3000 registered users , 50+ GB of SCM content (127 components, 300 streams, 300+ workspaces). Windows Server instances on the IBM SmartCloud that IBMers get to use have runtime limits of 60 days. When my big server instance got to the end of it’s life I was of course loathe to lose all that data I had created. Enter CLM 2012.

One of the key enhancements delivered in CLM 2012 is the ability to change the Public URL for the Jazz Team Server and/or one or more of its registered applications. The timing couldn’t have been better for me. Strictly speaking my scenario falls into the “Unsupported” category i.e. “Changing the URLs in any production topology that does not conform to the parameters described in the pilot to production scenario”. But my environment doesn’t really fall into “production” and while I’d be upset if the process didn’t work, I  wouldn’t really be losing anything. In other words “Don’t try this at home”!

I basically followed the instructions in Scenario: Moving a pilot deployment to production. At the time my server ran out of time I was in Singapore with a customer so my fellow Jumpstart-er Stephane was good enough to do the first two crucial steps –  copying all the necessary bits and backing up the DB2 db –  for me. When I got back to Oz I created a new SmartCloud instance installed all the necessary bits, ran the repotools-jts -importURLMappings command with a simplified mapping file, started the WAS server and 36 minutes later I had my “renamed” server good to go.Well, not quite: my original server had been at 4.0 RC2 while the new one was at the 4.0 GA level (again, don’t try this at home: going from a  4.0 release from any milestone earlier than 4.0 RC5 is not supported). So I had to run “repotools-[jts|ccm] -addTables” and “repotools-jts -upgradeWarehouse” before I had everything working.

All in a day’s work.


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