Clusters of CLM applications without a GUI

I haven’t had much time to write much over the past few weeks as I’ve spent most of my time writing up and a week with customers in Seoul. A bit cold in Seoul, especially going from a warm though wet Sydney, but I love the food in Seoul and managed to keep warm.

Working on the clustering stuff has meant I’ve done very little on the Jazz side and a lot ( and I mean a LOT:-) on the Websphere side. Which reminded me of a conversation I had with Alex ( around simplicity. Alex and Estelle had just completed a cycling tour of New Zealand and were visiting us in Sydney on their way back to France. Life on the road was pretty simple for them: not much more than the clothes on their back, their bicycles and panniers, and an iPhone. Alex is also pretty handy with computers and after overhearing a long conversation I had about troubleshooting an RTC installation on WAS, he shook his head and said “Ziz ees too complex no?” (No, he doesn’t really speak like that but is my rendition of his Gallic accented English.) We went on to talk about whether the IT world is guilty of making things unnecessarily complicated, Websphere being a case in point. I’m all in favor of simplicity or at least a facade of simplicity, taking a cue from what I see in nature: simple and beautiful patterns everywhere hiding incredibly complex systems, which funnily enough, are usually the result of fairly simple interactions. After the last few weeks, I’m craving even more simplicity, ¬†though I’ve learnt a ton more about WAS.

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