Disambiguation: Requirements Management Project template vs Requirements Management Process template

I seem to be stuck on this topic a little, but perusing the Jazz.net forums shows I’m not the only one confused!

To recap from my last post , relevant bit copied here to save a mouse click or two (I wonder if that saves any trees?):

“Note that through a quirky inconsistency in Project creation between the three CLM applications, you actually need to log in to the Requirements Project URL (/rm/web)  to be able to use the  predefined RM project templates as described in Creating Requirement projects. Attempting Create Project Area from the RM application’s admin page (as you would with the QM and CCM applications) will only show a “Rational Requirements Server Template” which is a process template as opposed to the out-of-the-box  RM-specific project templates.”

So let me dive a little deeper into Requirements Managements (RM) templates and how Rational Requirements Composer (RRC) uses them.

There are actually two types of templates that I can use with RRC :

  1. a process template:
    This is the Jazz process template wherein are specified things like process roles and permissions. I can administer this using the Web UI by navigating to the Jazz Team Server Home Page and then following the “Manage Project Areas” link in the Requirements Management Section of the Application Administration section.

    RM administration links
    RM Jazz process administration

    I can also get to the same page when already in an RM project (/rm/web) using the Administration menu drop down menu icon:

    RM Administration from RM project
  2. a project template:
    This is an RM-specific template mechanism wherein are specified things like  RM artifact templates, RM artifact types, attributes and data types. I can administer this by using the Administration menu  and selecting Manage Project Properties.
    ManageProject Properties 

So to modify an RRC “project template” and create my own modified version of it, I do the following:

a) create a new RM Project Area based on any of the predefined RM project templates.
b) Customize the RM project as required (create new artifact templatescustomise artifact types, attributes and data types and create new link types).
c) Create a new template from the customised project.

Create New RM Project Template

On the other hand to modify the *process* template (roles, permissions etc.) and create my own version of it I do the following:
a) Export the “Rational Requirements Server Template” from the Templates page of the RM Application Administration.

Export RM Process Template

b)Import the exported template with the Eclipse client into a CCM project area.

Import RM Template in Eclipse Client

c)Modify and save the new Project area’s Jazz process configuration – roles, permissions etc .
c) Export the modified template to an archive file

Export RM template in Eclipse Client

d) Import it from the Templates page of the RM Application Administration Web UI.

Import RM Process Template in Web UI

Now come the tricky bits!

Note that when I use the Administration -> Create Project Area action from the /rm/web page, this action *always* uses the “Rational Requirements Server Template” *process* template, but gives me a choice of *project* templates.

Then note that when I use the “Create Project Area” from the RM application’s Project Area Administration page (*not* the /rm/web one), this action *always* uses the “Base”  *project* template, but gives me a choice of *process* templates (if you used the process above to create your own).

So how can I get to choose *both* process and project templates when creating an RM project?

It appears that the only way to allow a choice of both an RM *process* template AND an RM *project* template is to use a Lifecycle Project Template, which I’ve written about previously. Ignore the Quality Management (and the Change and Configuration Management) part if it isn’t in scope and just use the concepts and procedures described in the other sections.

Happy templating:-)

3 thoughts on “Disambiguation: Requirements Management Project template vs Requirements Management Process template”

  1. I was one of the people who poked IBM support and forums about this issue for a long time.

    While importing the RRC Template into the CCM projects brings a lack of some permission as far as I see. I believe that’s not a good way to create a RRC Process template.

    As far as ı remember, there’s a permission named “Create CLM links” and I wasn’t able to see this in my process template when I imported it to CCM project area.

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